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If the sprinkler heads begin sputtering and not producing a full stream of water, this is a sign repairs need to be carried out.

Signs Your Irrigation System Needs Repair

An irrigation system is vital for keeping lush green grass during the spring and summer months. Irrigation systems become especially important in times of drought or in areas of the country that do not receive a lot of rainfall. It is important these systems are properly maintained so they will operate as they should and provide the right level of moisture. If problems begin to develop, it is vital an owner seeks the professionals for irrigation repairs Lakeland.

Common Signs of Problems With Irrigation Systems

If an owner begins to notice signs of problems with their irrigation Lakeland, it is important prompt repairs are carried out. Irrigation systems that are not performing properly will cause diminished growth and even grass death in a yard. The following are the most common signs of problems with a system.

If the sprinkler heads begin sputtering and not producing a full stream of water, this is a sign repairs need to be carried out. This issue could be caused by different problems in the system, including cracked sprinkler heads, valve issues, and pressure problems.

A constantly dripping control valve should never be ignored because this can sometimes be caused by grass clipping buildup in the equipment. If an owner sees damp areas around the control valve, this can be a sign of problems with the filter.


When pressure problems begin to occur, they can cause high or low-pressure changes. If the pressure is too high, it can cause damage to the system. Too low of pressure will lead to incomplete watering. This can sometimes be caused by the irrigation pipes beginning to shift.

When a homeowner begins noticing extremely high water bills, their irrigation system could be to blame. Leaks in the pipes and around the control valves can cause a great amount of water loss over time.

Homeowners may notice dry patches or overly wet ones when their irrigation system is not working as it should. When the system is operating properly, the lush green coverage should be the same throughout the lawn. Sparse areas or pooling water should not be occurring. These issues can greatly affect an owner's landscaping Lakeland.

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If you have noticed any of the above signs with your irrigation system, it is important you call in the professionals for repairs. They offer a wide array of services, including those for commercial landscaping Lakeland. Call today for your appointment.